I grew up with parents who adored one another. I don’t recall ever seeing them arguing- if they did they did a great job hiding it from us. By “us” I mean myself, three sisters and brother.

Every birthday and holiday (especially Christmas) was made special. I remember dad would always do something extravagant for mum’s birthday, anniversary and Christmas. He’d wrap a tiny box in larger boxes until she wouldn’t have been able to guess he had gotten her a pair of earrings, or an ottoman filled with many, many things he thought she’d like. Things like that.

Ultimately , witnessing this kind of relationship between my parents resulted in knowing of only that kind of relationship.

I remember, growing up my older sister and I would write a list of our “type”. What colour hair, eye colour, characteristics and so on. Were we crazy? Probably, but we knew what our prince charming would be like.

I met my husband when I was fourteen. Fourteen. We met while my family and I were holidaying in the Philippines.

As a fourteen year old my idea of prince charming was that of the prince in Cinderella.

My husband, when I met him wore thongs, black clothing, had a tattoo on his upper right arm and had evident “bad boy” characteristics. I did however, fall in love with this man. Straight away when he said my name. He had a strong Filipino accent. Ohhhh that accent! He also played the guitar and sang with a smile I couldn’t describe. I’d feel my heart miss every possible beat yet kept me alive at the same time. I’d be lost in the strums of his guitar but present enough to appreciate the passion in his face.

He was nineteen.

There was no Facebook, no Snap Chat, Instagram or any forms of communication other than talking and mobile phones.

We wrote letters.

We’d have our friends deliver them or pass them to each other on our encounters. Everyday I’d look forward to seeing him on the street, a mere glance would make my day.

We became “boyfriend/girlfriend” towards the end of our holiday. I, at the time did not anticipate he would become my husband four years later.

How did our relationship work when we lived in two different countries?…….


How did you meet your partner? Did you think they would be “the one”?

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