We always aim to leave the house at 8:15, drop the boys off to school, take the car back home, power walk to the train station for the train that arrives at 8:52 to get to work. I get to work at 9:13 and open the store at 9:30. Gah I’m tired just thinking about doing it all again tomorrow!

This morning was all Mondays put together.

Marlon kissed me bye at 5:30 and I woke up with the worst realisation. The cold air had dampened the boys uniform I had forgotten about sitting under the porch from the day before. So at 6 o’clock in the morning, thank goodness for the dryer!

The boys are recovering from the flu so I haven’t been waking them and rather have just been letting them sleep. They woke up at 7:32. They were probably fully awake ten minutes later. I felt like I needed to be an octopus. I felt like I needed to sleep.

I had their clothes ready for when they got out of the bathroom (still nice and warm from the dryer), had their sandwiches ready to go (they pack the lunch boxes) and breakfast was sitting on the table.

I felt like I had everything under control until it started.

Gerrimar had left the toothpaste in the wrong spot, which led to Miguel having a tantrum over it, which left A.J. annoyed because Miguel was annoyed. Gerrimar was then annoyed at A.J. for being annoyed.

Clothes getting cold, breakfast getting cold and their recess and crunch ‘n sip was not yet packed. It was chaos. Actually, I lie. It was chaos maxed out. On top of this my throat was aching and my head throbbing.

They had finally gotten changed and packed their bags. Gerrimar decided now would be a good time to show me a note he received last week.

Brain: “Not gonna happen. Why do you hide your notes under your pillow? Why are you only giving it to me now? $30 to go see animals on a farm?! I really need more than two minutes to make a payment and find one of the many pens that have disappeared from my desk!”

What I actually say “We will pay for it tonight and we’ll return the note tomorrow, okay?” *smiley face with stern look*. He walked off with a content look thank goodness!

Cleared the table, grabbed their bags and out we went! Dropped them off and just made it for my train. Found a seat available and melted into my seat. It wasn’t even 9am and I was ready for bed.

Fast forward to home time I was greeted by four smiles. Four very big smiles and eyes so inviting and excited about my presence in the room. Dinner was set and stories ready for exchanging.

Crazy thing is thought, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Craziness, chaos and all. As long as I come home to these four I’d do everyday like crazy Monday. Monday- Monday.

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