Every day seems to just fly by. The day seems to be so fast paced that Sunday has come and gone and before you know it Sunday has come and gone. Again.

Everyone should be appreciated and cared for every day, not just on special occasions. Yes, I am definitely a strong believer in this, however I feel I do have to justify the importance of such occasions.

Celebratory days remind us to slow down and celebrate one another. Right now I write about the importance of Fathers Day.

One of the most memorable moments I will never forget was when my dad came downstairs one morning to greet me happy birthday. I can’t remember exactly how old I was turning but it must’ve been my 15th or 16th birthday. He casually walked into the kitchen and kissed me on the cheek accompanied with a big hug. I then heard an unusual, unfamiliar ring tone. I looked up at him and he asked “where is it?”. I excitedly followed the ringing and on the other end was a new mobile phone tucked hidden in a mug. Back in those days having a phone early in high school wasn’t as common as it is now to actually own your own phone, so I was ecstatic! It had a camera and everything! LOL

Back then I loved that he and mum had bought me the phone. Back then it was all about the act of being gifted the material phone. Now though I remember the gesture and the effort that had went into gifting it. I feel the gratitude and appreciation. Humbled by the deed I was most probably Β not totally deserving of. It was what I had wanted and extra effort was done to ensure it was gifted with thought.

I think back at that moment and it sets my brain off into time machine mode where I recall all the amazing things my dad has done for me, for us. Far too many beautiful, generous things to mention Β and not enough space.


Every parent is special to their child in their own special way. Acknowledged or not, there is a bond between a parent and child that cannot be broken. Regardless of circumstances, heartaches and hindrance, a parent will always do what they deem necessary for their child’s emotional well being.

I’ve always appreciated my parents but as a parent now myself, I appreciate everything both my parents have done for my siblings and I so much more and in such a different angle.

I’ve come to realise that Fathers Day isn’t about giving dad breakfast in bed, or buying ridiculous gifts- it’s about showing him that he is appreciated. Showing dad that his early morning starts, late finishes and endless sacrifices are valued.

This post is dedicated to all the dads out there, all the mums who also take on the dad role. Hats off to you guys, continue to be awesome. For the offspring, celebrate your dad or whoever your father figure may be. Celebrate the person who will, at the end of the day, love you unconditionally without hesitation.

Most importantly, this is dedicated to my dad. Happy Fathers Day Daddy Gerry, my hero, my rock. I hope one day my boys will look up to Marlon and myself the same way I do.



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