Marlon and I have always talked about renewing our vows once the boys were a little older. It must have been a couple of years ago when we decided to make it happen and started planning.

We talked, discussed and talked some more. We wanted something simple but still elegant. Something intimate but still able to cater our (large) family. We (I) had a vision of what we (I) wanted but we also had a strict budget.

We settled on having an intimate church ceremony and dinner at our place. Our backyard was large enough to accommodate and we would be able to D.I.Y. our way through it!

Like any bride to be, I Googled, I sketched, made lists and overloaded on my Pinterest. Marlon and I shared our ideas whenever we had a chance- on our lunch breaks, over dinner and before bed. We have a huge tree in the corner of our yard so initially I was thinking of having a lot of fairy lights in and around it with some lighting set around the yard. I also came across some draping which I quite liked and thought of having some along the fencing. I showed him some of my pins and his response was “okay (smiley face)”.

So while I worked on the finer details for our renewals, he was working away in the backyard.

He had managed to get a dance floor down (after removing the trampoline) and transformed our backyard into a magical wonderland.

The tree in the corner had lights hanging from random branches and the draping I envisioned along the fencing he turned into a beautiful piece across the whole of the yard complete with lights. The ambiance the lights brought out was incredible and even better, the photos were amazing.

The amount of time and effort he had put into this is immeasurable. I’d come home from work and he’d be in the back yard doing something, on the weekends when he had free time he’d be putting something together. The draping he managed to put up a couple of days before the day. I kinda felt bad because the exhaustion was starting to make it’s mark, but he kept at it still with a smile on his face.

When we decided to renew our vows he told me he wanted it to be the wedding we would’ve had, had we not eloped. I still tell him IΒ  still wouldn’t change anything. For us it’s always been about the celebration of our love, we just wanted to celebrate finally being together. All the thought and effort he had put into the day is still unbelievable.



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