In our family we each have our own favourite ice cream, favourite colour and TV show. Most of the time our favourite series on Netflix are the same and we’ll sit in and watch together, sometimes we find our own thing to do.

I’ve found that a child’s mind is quite simple, the more you show are happy with them and the more they feel you are pleased with them, the more they feel appreciated and loved.

I don’t have a favourite child. With my children, I have a different kind of favourite. I mean, I don’t have a favourite I just have moments where one or two are in my bad books for time being and the ‘behaved’ one is causing less stress. He’s my favourite for that moment, because well, who needs grey hair right?

My boys are three different people who I wouldn’t be able to ‘pick’ a favourite even if I tried. A.J. likes to lead his brothers, he likes things done in a particular way to get things done promptly. Miguel loves to look after his brothers even if he doesn’t like to admit it. He likes to make sure everyone is always happy. Gerrimar he loves to annoy his two older brothers to get his way, in a annoyingly cute way. So how do Ipick a favourite if they are all so different?


I always tell them that they are all my favourites, not behind each others back or anything like that. I always tell A.J. that he’s my most favourite A.J. in the world. He’s the only A.J. that I can tell when mummy needs help. I repeatedly tell Miguel he’s my favourite Miguel because he’s the only Miguel that looks after mummy the way he does. Gerrimar, I always tell him he’s my favourite Gerrimar ever because he’s the only Gerrimar that knows how to make mummy smile.

My boys have their own way of owning my heart and they also have their own way of driving me nuts. They are my most favourite people in the whole wide world but they’re each always going to be my favourite version of themselves.

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