One thing I love about being an Australian is living in a country with such a beautiful diverse culture. Being able to grow up in such a multicultural country has broadened my understanding and increased my empathy towards people from all different parts of the world. Every day there is an exposure to different beliefs, tradition and most importantly food *insert drooling face*.

Growing up, in both primary and high school, I had a group of friends who were all different races, had different religions and cultures. I loved it! We may have had different views on life but everyone was accepted and treated equal.

Halloween is one of those days where not everyone has the same opinion about, have different beliefs how it started, why it’s celebrated etc. etc. etc.

This morning I woke up with a heavy head, sore feet and aching legs. Due to the fact that we had once again participated in one of the most anticipated time of year (for our boys anyway). We, along with their cousins, headed their grandparents house and went trick or treating! For the kiddies it was all about being able to dress up, have fun, stress mum and dad with costumes, and a mutual goal of filling their buckets with lollies- lots of lollies!

For us adults it was about seeing the kids smile and be excited about being with their cousins and having fun, keep the kids safe while they roam the (friendly) neighbourhood and meet the neighbours- which is great because in this day and age it’s lucky if you even get a chance to meet!

I think like any other day celebrated in Australia, despite different opinions, it was great to see the neighbourhood get together and celebrate together (regardless of the reason they partake). It was amazing to see the kids use their imagination, get creative and have some fun!

Mum and dad will most probably be regretting letting the kids fill their buckets to the rim but hey, it’s not like Halloween happens every day *thumbs up*.

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